Chris Sorensen

Venture Partner

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Chris Sorensen has over thirty years of experience on the leading edge of technology innovation. He is an award-winning startup executive and strategist with a broad range of hands-on operating experience as CEO, COO, co-founder and board member for numerous startups across diverse areas including software, payments, mobile remittances, consumer e-commerce, multi-media, education and Life Sciences. He has served as an executive with several VC backed Silicon Valley startups and has extensive hands-on experience with all aspects of early stage business development, including designing and implementing successful business strategies, technology design and development, creating and managing key business partnerships, and sales and marketing.

Chris has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and a MBA in Finance from the University of Illinois and a Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence from Northwestern University.

He is the author of Amazon best seller “The Innovator’s Secret Formula” which introduces a new strategic framework to measure and manage Product-Market Fit.

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