Andrew Don

Investment Committee Member

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Andrew Don is an innovative leader who is passionate about developing solutions at the intersection of innovation and social impact by leveraging 20 years of experience in the software industry along with a diverse background in the startup and social sectors. After years as a software engineering leader, he co-founded Impaktfel, which supports purpose driven entrepreneurs and early stage companies, along with nonprofit founders as they navigate the different stages of a startup. Andrew helps founders develop a continuous innovation and improvement mindset to accelerate their organization's growth and impact.

Andrew has extensive experience in the technology and startup space through various roles:

  • Actively involved in the investor community as a Limited Partner at Propellant Ventures and an angel investor.
  • Led engineering teams at some of the area’s leading software companies, including Paylocity, Coyote Logistics, and Trading Technologies.
  • As a certified Scrum Master and practitioner of 9+ years in Agile workplaces, has coached teams from diverse industries to deliver innovative software products.
  • Startup mentor at 1871, one of the world’s top private business incubators, and the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, which supports startup ventures in the University of Chicago ecosystem.
  • Current advisor to several social-mission based early stage companies.
  • Partner at Social Venture Partners Chicago, a philanthropic network that invests and advises innovative nonprofits.
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